Local Area Guide: Things to do / Activities / Attractions

Clam Digging at Mocrocks!

Iron Springs is located in the Mocrocks beach area. When in season, this activity is tons of fun. It is usually a major coastal event; donít forget to bring your boots!
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Bird Watching

Our region tends to attract birders from all over the country. Many come to search out sea birds on the open sea boat trip out of Westport, while others take in birding in Ocean Shores. Hoquiam, WA is home of the nationally recognized Shorebird Festival. Hundreds of thousands of shorebirds migrate from Central and South America to the Artic each spring, stopping at the nutrient rich mud flats of the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge to refuel and rest.
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Parks and Beaches

Griffiths-Priday Ocean State Park is a 364-acre marine park with 8,316 feet of saltwater shoreline on the Pacific Ocean and 9,950 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Copalis River. The park extends from the beach through low dunes to the river, then north to the riverís mouth. The Copalis Spit natural area, a designated wildlife refuge, is also part of the park.
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Museum of the North Beach

Museum of the North Beach: Displays at our museum include: Quinault Indian basket weavers from Taholah, the M.R. Smith Lumber Mill and the NPRY depot in Moclips, the Aloha Lumber Company in Aloha, the Naval Facility at Pacific Beach, the cabins of Dorothy Anderson and Norah & Sarge Berg of Ocean City, the railroad house at Copalis Crossing, the Finnish settlers of Oyehut, the beginnings of Ocean Shores including Ginny Simms and Pat Boone, and the transportation methods used along the beach from Pt. Brown to Tahola h.
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Ghost Forest

The banks of the Copalis River feature one of the best examples of a Ghost Forest. This forest of red cedars and spruce trees was killed by a massive earthquake on January 26, 1700. You can only reach the ghost forest by canoe or kayak from an informal launch site in the middle of the town of Copalis Beach.

Farm Visits

There are currently over 400 farms in the county, utilizing about 4 percent of the countyís 1,917 square miles of land. (Over 88 percent of the countyís land is in forest.) The 29 growers shown on this map will sell product directly to you.
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